Question: I was wondering your thoughts on the Warrior Void Lyte goalie head. I’ve had a nemesis since 7th grade and its been very reliable. It is just a little heavy. The Eclipse i find to top heavy and i notice an uneven weight difference in the bottom and top of the stick. The Void Lyte is the lightest head on the market and i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the head.


Answer: CB I haven’t used the Void because I don’t like offset goalie heads and here’s why. Offset heads are really designed for midfielders who want the same release with a deeper pocket. As a goalie, that off set head means that when we punch our hands out to the the ball, the very top of the stick is trailing behind. Same thing for bounce shots. We’re actually giving up a bit of coverage which we really don’t want to do in the cage. I also find that to get the same release point with an offset goalie head, we actually need to make the pocket shallower which I don’t really want to do when it comes to stopping the ball. So for those two main reasons I stay away from offset heads.

My favorite head is the Eclipse. The weight distribution issue can be solved by lengthening or shortening the shaft. Or you can add small lead pieces to change the weight distribution, not that you want to be adding weight to the stick, but you can add it to help with rotation of the stick while making a save. The lightest stick, as you’ve noticed, doesn’t always feel right in the hand. My Nemesis also feels heavy in my hands. I use a Titanium shaft.

Hope that helps CB. Let me know what you end up with.

Jonathan – The Goalie Guru



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