Coach Edwards shares advice with his subscribers on how they can take off and keep off the “freshman 15” and holiday weight right before the season. He elaborates on valuable free resources on keeping goalies in shape and invites his viewers to a free webinar on how to get in the best shape possible for the next lacrosse season.

1:02 – Coach Edwards invites his subscribers to view a free webinar next Tuesday.
1:39 – Most changes in a person’s physique are due to their diet.
2:12 – Goalies shouldn’t run long distance slow mileage, even if they’re desperate to lose weight.
3:05 – J.J. Virgin has a lot of insight on nutrition and food intolerance that will help goalies stay in shape.
4:31 – Check out some documentaries to teach you how to stay healthy.
5:18 – is an excellent resource on how to keep a fit life.


Hey everybody, it’s Coach Edwards with and, and happy new year! It’s 2015 and lacrosse season is this far away. You may be in hockey practice or basketball practice, or you may be deeply immersed in that underwater basket weaving class that you so quickly signed up for, but I want to warn you that lacrosse season is coming faster than you think.

This time of year, we put on a couple of pounds from the Christmas season, and it never fails. I always get an email from a college goalie. I got one again this year from Sue, who is a college freshman. I don’t have my phone on me now but I’ll read it to you anyway because it was pretty quick and easy.

Dear Coach,

I’m a freshman in college this year. I’ve put on the “freshman 15.” I’ve got to get ready for the season. What can I do and do it fast?

Thursday’s Lacrosse Goalie Tips Webinar

Sue, and everybody else who is watching this, I’ve got a couple of cool things. First off, I’m going to give you a little pitch for this Thursday. Not this coming Thursday but the following Thursday. You’re seeing this on Tuesday, so not this coming Thursday but next Tuesday. I’m doing a webinar. It’s the first webinar of 2015. It’s on how to get in the best shape possible for this season, and do it fast.

Diet Causes Most Physique Changes

Sue, one of the things that happens with a lot of goalies this time of year is they feel the pressure of the upcoming season. That’s fine. As goalies, we tend to feel more pressure than pretty much anybody else on the field. You’re wise to get in the mood for this now, be aware of this now. There are a couple of things to think of.

First off, think of this. I want to give you a couple of tips. 80% of your physique changes, if you’re looking to shed body fat between now and the season so you can be faster in the cage and more explosive to the ball, make more stops, if your biggest concern is losing body fat and changing your body composition, just know this. 80% of your body composition is due to your diet.

Don’t Run Long Distance Slow Mileage

A lot of you are thinking, well, between now and the season I just have to work my tail off, I’ve got to start running 3 miles a day and things like that. As a goalie, don’t be running long distance slow mileage. Just don’t do it. Most goalies will go out and they’ll start running mileage and they’ll start doing it too high of the heart rate, so you’re really not doing anything for your physique. The thing you want to consider is that 80% of your composition comes from your diet. So I want to give you a couple of resources to look toward to give you some tips on how best to do that. I’m going to reveal a lot of that in the webinar, what you can do, so I want to make sure you’re there. It’s free to Lacrosse Goalie Tip subscribers, so keep an eye out in this email for the link, and in subsequent emails for the link.

J.J. Virgin’s Insight On Food Intolerance

Here’s what you can do. First and foremost, I want you to go check out a woman by the name of J.J. Virgin. Don’t snicker at the name. JJ Virgin is a woman who is a bit of a, I don’t want to call her a pioneer, but she is a proponent of helping people understand food intolerances. For a lot of our kids who go off to college, and mom and dad aren’t around, the diet pretty much goes downhill fast. You’re eating a lot of pizza, probably a lot of beer, things like that. There are a lot of food intolerances that we don’t necessarily look at.

Parents and coaches think that their young athlete’s just going to burn it all off anyway, and that’s really not the case. The food industry now has changed and it’s really important to make yourself aware of these intolerances that you may or may not have. So check out JJ Virgin. Any of her books, go to her website, and really take a look at what she has to offer.

Don’t Be Afraid To Push The Envelope

As a sidenote, JJ’s son was in a car accident, he was hit by a car a number of years ago and JJ reachedout to the overall medical community. People like Dr. Oz, and all these other people that she has contacts with, and said, “What do we need to do to get my son better?” She basically skirted around the medical communities and the doctors that were taking care of her son and got him healthy when people said he wasn’t going to walk again. She’s really someone who’s not afraid to push the envelope and does some amazing things. So by all means, I’m not a doctor. You’re going to take things into your own hands, but go check out her stuff.

Documentaries That Can Teach You How To Live Nutritiously

Second tip. Get on iTunes and go download some documentaries. These are super important. Parents, if you’re watching this, you’ve got to watch these. Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, and a guy out of Australia named Joe Cross, who I met a couple of years ago, who did a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Check out Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

There’s a new one coming out, I think later this year, but I got a chance to meet him. My son did a report on him. He was actually in a drug store near where I was, it was random. Got a chance to meet him, which was really cool.

Mark’s Daily Apple Will Show You How To Stay Fit

Finally, go check out There’s a lot of talk lately about paleolith living, primal living, cross-fitness, it’s really kind of helped draw a lot of attention to paleo and primal living. The guy that runs Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson, is phenomenal. He’s in his 60s and I wish I was as in as good of shape as him now, and I’m in my early 40s. So go check out, sign up for his free goodies, and really take that to heart.

I guarantee you, between JJ Virgin’s stuff, Mark Sisson’s, and those DVDs that I recommended, Food Inc, Forks Over Knives, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and go watch Fed Up, which is also a DVD that just came out last year. Go watch Fed Up and you will be blown away.

Don’t Worry If You Miss The Webinar

On top of that, you’ll be excited to know I’m putting together a couple of resources. But first and foremost, you’re going to want to see the webinar that we’re going to put on in basically a week and a half’s time from when you see this video. And if you miss the video, if you’re seeing this video later on in the year, we’ll put links down below this clip so you can find out where to get access to that webinar today.


Sue, thanks for your question. And if there’s any other college goalies out there, listen to this please. The season’s coming fast, and I want to make 2015 your best season ever. I’m Coach Edwards with and If you’ve got a question for me, feel free to email me: I look forward to helping you soon. 2015 is going to be an amazing year. I’ve got some amazing things happening. Our subscribers at Lacrosse Goalie University are getting four new videos posted this month to that site, so if you’re not a member of, check it out. Sign up for the free videos that I put out there and I look forward to helping you this season as well. Cheers.



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