Brett Queener is fast, mobile, and incredible with the stick.  He can run coast to coast which sometimes gives his coaches fits.  But I like to focus on the positives.  A lacrosse goalie like Brett Queener is a threat.  And a big one at that.


0:52 – Coach Edwards explains how Brett Queener is an inspiration to lacrosse goalies everywhere.
1:46 – When goalies have more lacrosse skills, they don’t need to be afraid to leave the cage.
2:30 – All players become more valuable athletes when they acquire more skills, and this can be done as simply as hitting a football dummy or lifting weights.
3:38 – Goalies shouldn’t be afraid to get aggressive and leave the cage. Become a threat.


Hey there everybody, Coach Edwards here with with another video, cranking them out today, and I’m going to wear the same shirt, I’m not going to change it this time so that you think I’ve done a new video like weeks and weeks apart. I’m not even wearing pants. Just kidding.

Why Brett Queener Is So Good

So here’s the deal. I got a great message this week. A guy sent me a video of Brett Queener. For those of you that don’t know who Brett Queener is now, he’s a very talented major league lacrosse goalie. As you’ll see by the YouTube video that I posted below, he’s a pretty talented guy. What I want you to know is, I wanted to share my little man-crush for Brett Queener. A lacrosse man-crush, let’s put it that way.

Brett Queener Is What Every Coach Is Wishing For

Brett Queener, as people will say, is a little bit of a different cat, but I disagree. I think that everybody’s got what Brett does in them, but physically they’re not able to make it happen. The cool thing that I like about Brett Queener is that as an example for lacrosse goalies out there, as a coach, I wish every athlete on my team was able to play as well athletically as Brett Queener.

Let me rephrase that. In high school, typically your endurance type guys who can run all day, they’re going to be middys, right? Your fast, quick little guys, they’re going to be attack. Your bigger guy is probably going to be defenseman, a lot of those football guys who come to lacrosse, where they can’t throw or catch, give them a little pole and let them hit stuff, right? And then the goalies are somewhere in that spectrum.

Get Inspired To Run Out Of The Cage

But when we make a save and we go to clear the ball, every coach wishes that every guy that has the ball had the endurance of their middys, had the strength and physicality of their defensemen, had the stick skills and speed and shiftiness of their attackmen, and the courage of their goalie. Right? Fair enough?

This Video Is Awesome

When you watch the video below and you see Brett run out of the cage and you think things like that, I want you not to go, “Oh my god, that’s horrible!” It’s inspiring. And the truth is that he’s got the stick skills of an attackman, he’s got incredible hand strength to basically cradle that stick like it’s a twig, and he’s shifting and fast, and he’s got wheels.

How To Become More Valuable As A Lacrosse Goalie

But wouldn’t everybody wish their goalie was like that? If you are a goalie and you’re not like that, you need to be more of that. You need to go out and train physically. I get a lot of questions from kids going, “How do I improve moving to the ball?” and I’m like, you know what, lift some weights.

Go hit a football dummy. Just go do something. Football dummy meaning not a football player who’s a “dummy,” I mean a football dummy. Go tackle stuff. Hit stuff. Learn how to sprint. If you’ve got a track and field team at your school, get involved with the coach who can teach you how to sprint.

Become An Athlete Who Plays Lacrosse Goalie

Because all in all, you will become more valuable as an athlete and as a goalie. The worst thing I see is when there’s a goalie who makes the save who then uses up the four seconds because they don’t have a clear, then they’ve got to jump out of the crease and now they get run down and they lose the ball because they’re not able to make a solid pass or run out of the way. If that’s you, you can get inspired because you can improve your game a lot just by working on those things.

Brett Queener Is A Threat – You Should Be Too

I want you to watch the video below of Brett Queener. I’m going to post another video next week about this as well about Brett and hopefully we get some more feedback on this. Get inspired by this type of goalie, and don’t go, “Oh my God that’s crazy!” No! Every coach wishes their goalie had that sort of athletic ability. He’s also a very good goalie to begin with, which is pretty sweet. And yes, maybe he’s a different cat, but aren’t we all?

Please Leave a Comment

If you’ve got a comment on this, do me a favor and leave it below. Just post it right on the bottom of this blog post and let’s keep that conversation going. I think it’s a great example. I was similar to that type of goalie, I wasn’t nearly as fast as Brett. He’s just smoking fast.

Be An Aggressive Lacrosse Goalie

But that idea of just getting out of the cage and being aggressive and being a threat. As a goalie, you are that 10th player on the field when it’s even strength. You don’t want to just be a dud on the field, you want to be an advantage, right? So get inspired and work within the game, within the rules, within the plays and things like that, but be inspired by that video.


Leave me your comment below. Do me a favor, Facebook, share this, tweet it, I’d really appreciate it. Again, I’m Coach Edwards at, and I love having you watch this video, and I love helping goalies around the world. So hopefully that’s you too. Cheers. Talk to you soon.

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