Coach Edwards explains the issues goalies may face with high metabolism and outlines a way they can use it to their benefit to train and become more explosive. Coach describes how goalies can not just gain weight, but train to become better goalies and gain explosive muscle power.

1:38 – Goalies with a high metabolism should look at Gordy Sheer as an example.
2:27 – Give your body good sources of protein so you can build muscle.
3:11 – If your metabolism is high, work on Olympic lifts and explosive training.
3:39 – The best diet and workout regimen for a lacrosse goalie with high metabolism.
4:52 – The goal isn’t just to gain weight – it’s to become an explosive goalie.


Hey everybody, it’s Coach Edwards with and Welcome to our new Lacrosse Goalie University members for this season. I’m looking forward to working with you. As always, it’s a labor of love and I just love hearing from everybody from across North America and across the world. We’ve got a new member over in Sweden and one in England, and that makes me really happy. So thank you.

Question From A Goalie With A High Metabolism

The question this week comes from a goalie who is 5’11 and about 132 lbs, I believe. He feels like he’s quite skinny, which he is. This guy is a sophomore in high school and his name will remain nameless because he’s a pretty prominent recruit. But here’s the thing. The question was, the goalie is kind of nervous, wary, very aware of the fact that he feels quite skinny and he wants to gain weight.

My question back is why are you just looking to gain weight? At the end of the day we want to be a better lacrosse goalie. And along those lines we want to be a better, more explosive goalie. We want to be a stronger goalie. Gaining weight is a byproduct of hopefully good training and a good diet. If the goal is just to gain weight, we could just eat pizza and do whatever.

Gordy Sheer And High Metabolism

This goalie is very similar to a buddy of mine from my Olympic days. A guy named Gordy Sheer who was a drummer in a rock band, but Gordy was about 5’10 and about a buck twenty, twenty-five.

He had a metabolism like a racehorse. Basically Gordy could not get enough calories. Working with a nutritionist at the Olympic Training Center, they were recommending for Gordy, because he was burning so many calories, and his metabolism was so high. He was like a walking anatomy poster. You could see every vein, every muscle. It was pretty impressive. But they were recommending that he raw cookie dough, which is probably the most extreme caloric thing you could eat.

Get Good Protein So Your Body Can Build Muscle

Even for myself, when I was young, I would get to eating condensed milk in chocolate milk that was mixed with protein powder to get enough calories in. From a gaining weight perspective, if you have a high metabolism, a really high metabolism, you need calories. You want to keep those calories to good protein sources and good fat sources, because then the body has the building blocks with which to build muscle. That has to be coupled with high load or high explosive weight training.

Olympic Lifting And Explosive Training

What I mean by explosive, as I mentioned in last week’s video, Olympic lifting, cleans, jerks, those types of things. However, they are Olympic lifts for a reason. They’re very technical and they are their own sport. So if you have no involvement in that, if you have no understanding of Olympic lifting, don’t try to start it now. The season’s coming around the corner. I would rather you stick to heavy deadlifts, heavy squats, heavy benchpress, heavy overhead press – watch your shoulders.

Best Diet And Workout For Goalies With High Metabolism

High load. Working up to singles. Ones or twos. I learned so much about my body when I became a powerlifter, which was really cool. It was a lot of fun. The same muscle fiber that lifts heavy load and lifts also explosively, like high load or explosive, is also prone to hypertrophy, which is growth. Whereas endurance fiber, if you go out and do a long run, those fibers tend to get leaner. So as a high metabolism goalie, if you’re lean and trying to put on weight, you’ve got to stick to having good protein sources. Basically meat, fish, foul, chicken, eggs, those things are good protein sources. If you can stick to organic that’s even better. But then also, you’ve got to couple that with high explosive training. No long runs, sprints only, Tabata work preferably, and then when you’re in the gym, like once, twice a week, heavy loads. Working up to a heavy single in a deadlift, a squat, a bench, maybe even in an overhead press. But like I said, watch your shoulders.

Don’t Just Gain Weight – Become Explosive

The goal is not to gain weight. If the goal was to gain weight you would just sit on the couch and just totally like, Fat Bastard, right? And playing DS all day. That’s not the goal. The goal is to be a more explosive goalie, right? So that’s where we couple in proper training, and if the diet is along with it, remember, your diet is like 80% of your physique goals, so if you’re trying to put on weight you’ve got to up the calories, keep the proteins and the fat sources high quality. You can also increase the carbohydrate load so your carbohydrates can be like 300 grams a day and you’ll be fine.


Remember, the goal is not to be a heavier goalie, the goal is to be a stronger, more explosive goalie. And that’s how you do it. This is a great, especially since it’s getting close to the season, feel free to email me. Do me a favor. Share this post with everybody you know. Send it on to a goalie who needs it, or a parent or a coach. And, by all means, tweet it, share it, like it, Google Plus it, find me on LinkedIn, and make sure you pin it. That would be awesome. I appreciate it. I’m Coach Edwards at and

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