How Lacrosse Goalies Can Fail Faster

Lacrosse goalies fail more than any other player on the field.  As lacrosse goalies, our “failures” are seen more often than most.  Or should I say they are most recognized.  It’s easy to see when a goalie makes a mistake because the ball goes in the net.  But over the course of a game one player could miss a bunch of groundballs.  A faceoff guy could lose half his face offs.  But nothing is more easily noticed than a ball sitting in the back of the goal.

As goalies we are called crazy more than anything.  But as goalies we need to be the most introspective player on the field.  We probably critique our own game more than any other athlete on the field.  But when we “fail” that doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to improve.

Check out this video I found.  If you don’t know some of the names just Google them and read up on some classic “failures.”

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As a lacrosse goalie you’ve got a lot on your shoulders.  Don’t let it overwhelm you.  They say the best trait of a great lacrosse goalie is a short attention span.  Don’t let the balls you let in affect the balls you’re trying to stop in the future.  You can do this.

When I realized that every time I failed as a lacrosse goalie I was getting better I looked at each goal as a blessing in disguise.  Each ball was an opportunity to improve whether it went by me or not.

Good luck.

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