In today’s episode Coach Edwards answers a question from a lacrosse goalie in Plano, Texas about how to stay focused when the ball in on the other end of the field.

Welcome to our new lacrosse goalies from: Plano, Texas. Cary, North Carolina. New York, New York, Ipswich, Massachusetts. San Diego, California. And Great Falls, Montana. Great to see the game growing across the country.

Today’s lacrosse goalies are just like most kids who have smartphones in their pockets. They are so used to being distracted (or “attracted” as I like to call it) their attention can wander when they are in the cage and the ball is on the other end.

Coach Edwards has a couple of great techniques that lacrosse goalies and coaches can use to keep you on top of your game even when the pace of the game isn’t keeping you on your toes.

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This month, Coach Edwards dissects a goal scored on Syracuse University lacrosse goalie Warren Hill by Notre Dame. This crease dive can be stopped if you just play the percentages. Check it out.

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