Hello everyone.  Well it’s been a very long summer and we are finally back in school.  You should see me posting now a lot more.

This summer I travelled east to Baltimore and Rhode Island to watch some of my players play at Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip as well as Blue Chip 225 In Rhode Island.  I saw a TON of Lacrosse goalies playing and have to say that I wasn’t floored by who I saw.  Lots of great stops, but also a lot of fundamentally BAD goaltending which surprised me.

With all we talk about here on the blog we really shouldn’t be seeing bad mistakes like, poor communication.  Poor clearing attempts.  And relatively poor save mechanics.

This year we will be focusing on all of that at inseasonhome.com to help you become a better lacrosse goalie.  And for lacrosse parents, coaches and athletes, feel free to email us with your questions.  I look forward to helping you out this season.

Jonathan –  The Goalie Guru



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