Jesse Schwartzman: Playing the Arc

Jesse makes some good points here but I just want to clarify some things.

First:  Jesse is 6’1″ tall.  A step for him is a lot different than a step for someone who is 5’6″. So his four step recommendation for his is solid, but if you are shorter it’s ok if this is a five, six, or even seven step arc.   One of the things I learned from my hockey goalie days was that your step(or shuffle) should be just long enough that you are in position once the shot is released.  It doesn’t make any sense to over step just so you get your four steps in and not five.

The takeaway here is you should be on your arc.  And depending on your height you are going to take big steps or little steps.  Those steps will be proportional to your size.  But ultimately you need to move so that you are in position to stop the ball.  This may mean you take a half step at times, and possible two steps.  Whatever is necessary.
Jonathan – The Goalie Guru



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