Jesse Schwartzman: Proper Goalie Movement

Jonathan Writes:  When I was growing up I was always taught NOT to “punch” at the ball.  But in reality that is what you really want to be doing.  You want to aggressively, quickly, and emphatically moving to the ball.  And when you look at it like that a “punch” is kinda what you’d like to be doing.

But here is where you need some clarification.  When you “punch” to anything, there is an implication that the hand moves away from the body.  Right?  So if I go to punch you my hand is moving away from my body to reach yours.  The body doesn’t really follow the hand.

So I’m cool with the term “punch” for the mental picture it gives you of an aggressive, dynamic move “to” the ball. But in lacrosse, as a goalie, we need to follow up with the body.

What you will find is that as you are learning the game, or at any point when you move up a level (say JV to Varsity, or Varsity to Club, etc) you will find yourself punching to the ball because the body can’t follow fast enough.  But as you get stronger physically  your body will catch up and you will eventually be moving properly to the ball again.

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