In today’s video, Coach Edwards showcases an athletic lacrosse goalie who not only makes the save, but leads the fast break down to the other end of the field.  He also talks about how lacrosse coaches can help create smart, athletic lacrosse goalies who can be an offensive threat.  Check it out.

This Lacrosse Goalie Makes The Save And Then Leads The Fast Break

[00:00:00] Hey guys, so I saw this video today I wanted to do a quick one on it. So Coach Edwards the with another Make This Save video. This is a great video let’s just play through once and you’ll see what I’m talking about here.

[00:00:14] There we go. Shot. Save. Crazy rebound. Then it’s snagged by the goalie and then its a go. Right. Big sprint goalie’s got some wheels.Got some good sticks skills, right. Fast Break with the goalie. Behind the back. Shot and a score on a rather offset goalie.

Let’s Watch This Save In Real Time

[00:00:45] All right. So let’s talk about this real quick. So first and foremost how many guys have a coach who freaks out when you leave the cage? How many of you guys and girls have a coach who never lets you run a fastbreak drill in practice? How many of you guys and girls have a coach who doesn’t have you spend enough time working on Clears in other positions other than the goalie? OK. These are important things. Right. So let’s talk about this real quick before I knock my mike off the desk. So right now we’ve got 22 here. Good number, is going to beat his defenders and take a shot and he’s going to make a nice save. So right about here is when, as a goalie, my mind would start to realize that there is nobody in this area of the field on the blue team. Right. And also none of my teammates are here. So right now, if I was this goalie, as I make the save I’m realizing there’s a lot of space here so I could A punch a rebound out into that open area like a hockey goalie would. Where like if I can’t get to the ball or I’m going to make a save and I know I’m going to give up a rebound I can direct that rebound possibly out into an area where it’s safe. And right here would be safe because I’ve got two defenders, two long poles in this area. But what happens here, because this goes a little bit on his heels. Is that the ball pops up in the air.

A Great Lacrosse Goalie Thinks One Step Ahead

[00:02:10] Boom there it is. Now, long pole is going to take a stab at it. This goalie is obviously very athletic because he gets up really quick. Defender pops that, actually the attacker and pops the ball up in the air. Now as the goalie I’m still realizing now there’s nobody here. There’s nobody here. So if we punch this ball out into this area we can go get it. All right. As a team. But because this goalie is athletic. Watch what happens. Right. Boom! He’s off. Off to the races. He’s like, I got space. I got wheels. I’m going. And because this goalie spends a lot of time using their stick and has good sticks skills, they’re going out, and he’s leading the fast break. What we can’t see is over to the left of this video is over here a little bit. There’s a Middy, he was realizing like, “Oh man we’re not covered for the fast break!” and he’s going to hustle back. But because this goalie is athletic and has good stick’s skills. Goalie is gone.

The Defenders Know What To Do And Call Middy Back!

[00:03:02] All right. What is cool here. Is that their team, if you see, if I just rewind this just a hair, right. Watch this, this is the long stick middy. Watch this. He’s like “I’m back!” You see that. He’s realizing that the goalie is gone. He’s the middy back. He’s like, “I got it”. There goes the goalie. All right. Now the team is excited. The coach somewhere here is probably freaking out.

[00:03:28] Although if this coach realizes that a goalie, an athletic goalie, is really a seventh defensemen. And then becomes another offensive threat on his team the coach has relaxed. It’s no big deal. They’ve got the middy-back covered. Everybody’s going. All right. Now what I love about here is right here, this goalie realizes, “Hey I’ve got the lead. All right. I’m the fast break.” And he’s going a look for this first defender right, to slide. Now, nice behind the back pass. Sweet. All right. He’s obviously done this before. So my question is Have you practiced your behind the back passes? Lot of coaches get nervous and they say, we shouldn’t be working on behind the back passes because we can barely make a forward pass. Coach, that’s not true. All right. The truth is, if you work a little bit, if you dedicate some time every day to the unique stuff, the fun stuff, the creative stuff. Is that the other stuff is going to get easier. All right so take some time to let your kids thrive and experiment and try. If you’re overly controlling coach and you’re like guys we can’t work on behind the back passes because we can’t work on passes to the front of our face. Then you are like an old school coach who just doesn’t quite get it. All right. So give yourself some time.

A Little Sizzle And A Great Shot On A Goalie Who Is Out Of Position

[00:04:47] Right. Great pass by the way to this at this point attack man who was already there. All right. Now I won’t pick on the fastbreak defense of the white team but I will pick on this. This goalie who’s got, he’s covering a lot of surface area. He’s too far on that right pipe. He’s given up all this off stick hip, and that’s where the shooter is going to put it. Boom. I would have that going take a little bit of a half step off that side pipe.

If You’re Out Of Position You’re Out Of Position

[00:05:21] I know it’s crazy right. Don’t give up a short sided goal. Forget it. If you’re going to give up, if you’re out of position you’re out of position. Doesn’t matter what post you’re covering. If you’re trying to cover the short side posts because some coach told you don’t give up the short side then you’re giving yourself a disadvantage to stopping the shots to the far side. That’s a problem. Now if this was a lefty goalie this is easy you’re safe. All right.

[00:05:49] So. Anyway this is great. I love the little high five, the bump for the goalie. This is good get assist right. So let’s watch that one last time right. Save, opens up a space. Take it. Go! If you’re athletic, go! Right, middy back for the goalie. Don’t panic. Don’t fear your goalie running up field. Let them go, right. Good stick skills. Good behind the back pass. Boom! little a little sizzle. A shot and a goal. That’s awesome. All right. That’s really good stuff. Love to see it.

Coaches Do These Things To Make Your Goalie an Offensive Threat

[00:06:20] So listen coaches, let’s finish off with this a little bit. If you are too controlling. All right. Ease up a little bit. Let your goalie run some fast breaks. Don’t let a backup goalie sit behind the cage. Make sure that they are in drills that they’re running drills with the middies. They’re running drills with the d. They.

[00:06:36] re running drills as the D on a fast break. They’re running drills in the fast breaks. So they understand it.

[00:06:42] Be creative Don’t waste time. Let your goalies work and let your goalies thrive and realize that your goalie is an offensive threat. If you let them be! And it’s up to the goalies to become athletic. All right so listen , I’m Coach Edwards. This is with another make the save video. Listen if you like this or if you’ve got a video you want me to critique. Send it to me. Head on over to Send it to me over there or send me an email whatever I’ll take a look something like and I’ll use it in another feature video. All right. Talk to you soon.

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