Question: Hi Jonathan.
I’ll be entering my 2nd year playing lacrosse and being a lacrosse goalie. Last year, I had problems with my ball stop staying on my stick. After awhile, it just fell off. My coach said that of course it helped keep the ball in, but wasn’t completely necessary to play. Is this true? Do you really need a ballstop to effectively be a lacrosse goalie?

Question: Answer: Hey there Ashley. Thanks for writing. The ball stop helps does help, slightly. It’s not a big deal but it is a required part of the stick. But a band-aid could act as a ball stop. For a short stick you’re worried about the distance from the ball stop to the scoop. In a goalie stick you don’t need to worry about the distance but it still needs to be in there. I would recommend going to home depot and getting some contact cement. Get some acetone and clean off all the old residue and then scuff up the plastic with some sandpaper. Follow the directions on the contact cement and you should never lose that ball stop again.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you’ve got any questions.

Jonathan – The Goalie Guru

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