Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been flat out coaching our teams and doing a ton of Goalie Critiques.

Got this email recently from a reader commenting on our Breaking Thumbs post:

jon, i have broken my thumb 3 times that i can remember, all in college. the 1st was the worst requiring surgery and 2 pins placed. 6 weeks later when i was cleared to play i broke it again, this time in a different place. so that was 6 more weeks. luckly the first was over fall-ball, 2nd, recovery was end of fall ball to winter break. the 3rd was my junior year in a game, i even finished the game. (i also tried playing lefty in practice just so i could play, oh how silly i was) . for all of my breaks i was wearing brine gloves….not very good goalie gloves. since graduating, i have bought a pair of warrior superfreaks….and i agree, the best glove on the market for goalies. my brother just recieved a pair of maverick, rome goalie gloves, and they don’t appear to have the protection that a good goalie glove needs, more like a field player glove w/ a half assed goalie thumb on it. thanks for the blogs, articles and knowledge. look forward to hearing more.

bruce wright

Thanks Bruce! I don’t take any sort of endorsement money for recommending products whatsoever. I have never had a problem with Warrior gloves and I recommend them highly. We did have a lot of recommendations for the K18’s as well with the hinged thumb. Whichever one works for you please keep this in mind: Cool, whether it’s in looks or anything else, is not so “cool” when you have an injury. Teams that buy “team” gloves should keep in mind that whichever brand you choose, that may not be the most protective glove for your goalie. With that in mind, be prepared to fork over the extra money to buy the most protective glove you can afford and have it done in your team colors is you have to. Thanks for the email Bruce. Good luck with your season.

Jonathan – The Goalie Guru



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