So we’re trying something new here at  I’m calling it the Make The Save tutorials where I take a video of a lacrosse goalie getting scored on and I critique it. This is just like I would for any of our Lacrosse Goalie University members.  (If you’re not a member you can click here)

Lacrosse goalies tend to watch saves that goalies make, but rarely do we look at goals getting scored on other goalies and see just what they did wrong.  Have a watch to today’s video of Navy Attackman Jack Ray scoring on a University of North Carolina lacrosse goalie.  I am not sure who the goalie is exactly because he is wearing #6 but #6 for the last couple of years has been a midfielder.  Check out the video and leave me a comment below.  And by all means, share this with a lacrosse goalie or coach who needs to hear it.




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