Should Lacrosse Goalies Be Lacrosse Captains?

Lacrosse goalies are the quarterbacks on the field and should therefore be considered as captains for their team.

Now not all lacrosse goalies are “captain” material. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be ruled out of the captaincy just because they are in that position. This isn’t like hockey where the Captain needs to skate to the penalty box to converse with the referee to relay information to their bench etc.

By making your lacrosse goalie the captain, or one of the captains of your team, a coach is helping his cause by putting his goalie in a position of leadership. What should come with that position is an additional level of respect by the team and in turn, a level of awareness to what the goalie has to say on the field.

When we rely on our lacrosse goalies to make proper defensive calls it’s important that the team respects that. A Captain should earn the respect of team and should therefore be a mini-coach on the field.

This week I got two emails from the same team. They didn’t realize that they had written me but one email was from a Coach wondering if they should make their lacrosse goalie their Captain. The other email was from the dad of the goalie in question wondering if there was a reason why a lacrosse goalie shouldn’t be a Captain. Seems that the coach, as a rule, doesn’t allow his lacrosse goalies to be Captains.

So with all of that to consider, here is this weeks blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

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