When it comes to coaching a great lacrosse goalie practice, a great question is, “What can I do so my goalies have the best practice possible?”

Most coaches and parents focus too much on what drills they should be doing.  Forget the drills!!! Your goalies probably aren’t good enough to stray too far from the basics.

Stay Focused.  Don’t Get Distracted By Gimmicky Drills

Keep this in mind, most unique drills don’t come out of necessity, they come from entertainment.  Think about it for a moment…if I have you at a camp for three days and all I do is shoot on you, you’re probably going to get bored.  So funky drills get created to entertain and THEN people try to explain them with logic to make it seem like it has to do with eye-hand, or coordination, etc.

Here are the areas we’re going to cover:

  • How To Be Physically Ready

I’ll talk about why your goalie needs to be physically ready to hop in the net BEFORE any shots are fired.  A cold stiff body isn’t going to help you and in fact it might hurt a lacrosse goalie and his/her development.

  • Why Visualization Can Accelerate Your Development

Would you like to get a 2x,5x, or 10x improvement on your goalie with every practice? Well visualization can do just that.  Before a goalie sees a ball at practice they can prime their brain even before they hit the field.

  • Why Progression Solves (or ruins) Everything

If you put a ten pound weight on your foot, it’s not a problem.  But if you drop a ten pound weight on your foot, it can be a huge problem.  Same goes for the shots your goalie faces in practice.  I explain what to focus on and how to use our free Lacrosse Goalie Cheat Sheets to make sure your helping your goalie in the best way possible each and every practice.

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Download The Lacrosse Goalie Cheat Sheets and Goalie Scorecards

The goalie’s “grade” for their performance is NOT the scoreboard.  So how do you know if you’ve played at your best and if you’re really improving?  The Cheat Sheets and the Scorecards will tell you: https://lacrossegoalieuniversity.com/lacrosse-goalie-cheat-sheets/

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