What Lacrosse Goalie Helmet Should You Wear

Your lacrosse helmet is probably one of the most important pieces of equpment on your body.  From protecting your face and head.  Keeping you from getting concussions all while maintaining comfort and visibility is important.

One summer I got hit in the mask by an attackman from about six yards away from the cage.

This kid had all day to wind up and take a rip to, well, anywhere in the cage and yet he managed to rifle it straight of my head.

I didn’t move.

The save was met with a cheer but it was cut short by the realization that this nimrod had blown a perfectly good scoring chance.

The ball bounced out to midfield.

As the play continued I realized I couldn’t really breathe very well.  The mask had bent all the way to my face and my nose was pressed flat.  I had to call to the Ref that I had a bit of a mechanical breakdown and needed to fix my mask fast or else I was going to really get hit if the nimrod-attackman got the ball again.

Lacrosse Helmets Are a Big Deal For Lacrosse Goalies

Helmets are a big deal for lacrosse goalies.  Today we are concerned, more than ever, with concussions, something I was lucky enough to never have.

I got a question this week from a parent about helmets and I wanted to cover it here:

Hi Coach Edwards

I have a equipment question. My son has a Cascade CPX helmet that is about 5 years old and still looks good but I am concerned about his safety with the speed of the balls coming in at him.

Would it be wise to upgrade to another helmet like a cascade R or something that is similar or that you recommend and NOCSAE approved? He plays goalie at the 5/6 level.
Thank You

 What Lacrosse Goalie Helmet Do I Recommend?

John, thanks for the great question.  The lacrosse goalie helmet is designed pretty well for protection from the front.  While my story about getting hit in the mask and having the mask bend was exciting, it should never happen now with NOCSAE rules.  So when looking at your CPX the mask will be fine.
Over time, plastic can degrade.  A lacrosse goalie helmet used to be solid but can now turn more flexible and helmets definitely have a lifespan.  That being said, I think you’re fine keeping the CPX for now.  At the 5/6 level the shot velocity is starting to pick up, but your son is more susceptible getting hit in other areas of his body.  I’d rather see you save your money and invest it in the best chest/shoulder/arm protector possible.
As for the rebounder, go for it.  Any opportunity to throw and catch is a good one and rebounders can be great for any player.  Your son can work on his accuracy in his clearing passes which is an important component that all players must master.
That should get you started.  Thanks for the great lacrosse goalie question.  You might also like this other post I wrote on why I’m not a fan of today’s lacrosse goalie equipment. https://lacrossegoalieuniversity.com/start/disappointing-lacrosse-goalie-equipment-design/
Coach Edwards

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