A question I get every season is, “When it is ok for a lacrosse goalie to leave the crease and deck somebody. Well this week, I’ve got a cool photo sent to me by a dad in Virginia. Great shot of a goalie levelling one of those lame attack men. 🙂

There is a right time and a wrong time to come out of the crease. Also, there are times that work when you are in Junior High School but don’t work when we’re older in High School and beyond.

While it may get frustrating, and you may want to just check everyone on the field, Coach Edwards talks about when is the right time and when is the wrong time to make that hit. He lays out the benefits, and the costs, to making that play and how it can affect your team.

Thanks so much for the photo Coach. And if you have a photo you’d like to share with Coach Edwards, by all means, send it to him at CoachEdwards@lacrosseGoalieTips.com



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