In today’s episode Coach Edwards goes on a bit of a rant about biased club lacrosse coaches who give advice that does not serve the athlete but only serves their program.

As coaches, and educators, it is our responsibility to mentor young athletes to make the best choices FOR THE ATHLETE.  Sometimes that advice may hurt your program.  But if you are truly serving in the best interest of the athlete then you will give them the advice they need regardless of what program they go to or what camp they attend.

Recently, Coach Edwards got a call from a family where their athlete was being steered away from a fantastic opportunity to play at an elite prep school.  However, this athletes club coach did everything he could to steer this athlete away from a fantastic opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in a program much better than his current club team.

Listen today as Coach Edwards lays out his thoughts on what you need to do as an athlete, their parent, or their TRUE coach to navigate these waters.

For Our Lacrosse Goalie University Members This Month:

Coach Edwards added two new videos to the Lacrosse Goalie University membership site this month.  The first video is about hand position.  One of our long-time LacrosseGoalieUniversity members sent in a photo of a Division 1 lacrosse goalie with a strange hand position and he wanted my thoughts on that.

Our second video this month is about “baiting”.  Another one of our long-time members sent in a photo of a rather small goalie from a Division 1 program who seemed to be giving up a lot of cage.  I lay out why a goalie would do this and how you can do it as well.

If you’re not a member of Lacrosse Goalie University you should be!  It’s the most cost effective lacrosse goalie coaching resource on the planet.  Check it by going here: Become  a Member of Lacrosse Goalie University

Are You Looking To Get Recruited?

If you’re a coach, parent, or a lacrosse player (at any position) and you’re looking to get recruited, then you’re going to want to check out Coach Edwards’ latest project



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