Mental health is a hot-button topic that is being made cloudy by the media.

If you, or your goalie, are wrapped up in social media or the mainstream media, you may think that if you have any sort of anxiety or depression you should quit. Step back. Take a break. Those are one approach, for sure. But not the only approach.

Today we’re going to talk about: Working Through Nerves and Anxiety And Not How Not To Quit

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Mental Performance School


Coach Edwards

Coach Edwards

Head Coach

Olympian Jonathan Edwards is "Coach Edwards".  He runs the longest consecutively running lacrosse goalie blog on the planet.  He is the "behind the scenes goalie mind" for some of the top lacrosse goalies on the planet and he has worked with lacrosse goalies from Junior High, to the PLL.  He coaches goalies privately, year round, via video and phone through his Lacrosse Goalie University goalie coaching program.  Don't wait for the summer to get to a camp and don't hire some local college kid who is home on break. Get unbiased goalie coaching from the coach who is changing the game, one goalie at a time.

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