Lacrosse Goalies Should Leave The Crease

In today’s post from Coach Edwards he answers a question from a dad who wonders why his son was ejected after what looked like a clean hit on an attack man.  He’s not sure if his goalie should leave the crease anymore.

You’ve all seen this play.  It’s a fast break.  The low defenders get caught ball watching and the low attack man sneaks right in front of the crease.

While the ball is in the air, the goalie comes flying out and times a hit perfectly on that sneaky little attack man.

But in this case, the ref didn’t like the play.  He didn’t just throw a flag, he threw the goalie out of the game!  Was it fair?  Listen to find out:

Here’s Just Some Of What We’ll Cover:

  • Should lacrosse goalies leave the crease to come out and hit someone?
  • Why a lacrosse goalie should work with a football coach to learn about hitting.
  • How to work with your defence so you don’t have to leave the crease so often.
  • Why leaving the crease can work at younger ages, but not at older ages.
  • Why you don’t see this play much in college lacrosse.
  • Why coming out of the crease in the first quarter will help you in the fourth.
  • And much, much more.

I took a crack at this topic a number of years ago. You might want to check out that post by clicking here on when should a lacrosse goalie come out and hit someone.

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